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For a great holiday, go to Curaçao.

Going on a holiday in Curaçao is a great experience. It is a dream that should come true for everyone. Curaçao is an island in the Caribbean and belongs to the ABC islands. The ABC islands are Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. The islands differ a lot from each other, but of course have similarities, such as the excellent weather, the clear water, beautiful beaches and pleasant people. The inhabitants of the islands do everything to make the tourist happy. Curaçao has a mix of cultures and is therefore worth a visit alone. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset. There is plenty of entertainment to get through the evenings in a pleasant way. You can enjoy delicious restaurants on the island.

Curaçao is the largest of the ABC islands. It is an island that is becoming increasingly popular among international tourists. It is especially the nice weather and the beautiful beaches that make it so attractive. You can snorkel in the crystal clear water to admire the tropical fish and coral reefs. You can stay there for a wonderful sun and diving holiday. People also go there for a honeymoon. They can stay in one of the many resorts or hotels.

Curaçao Hotels

Kura Hulanda Village & Spa

Kura Hulanda Village & Spa

Kura Hulanda Village & Spa is home to a spa and an anthropology museum. The property is within walking distance of many shops and restaurants in ...

The weather and climate in Curaçao

If we want to say something about the weather, we can be short: the sun shines all year round. Because it is always warm on the island, the population is also much more relaxed. Nobody is in a hurry on the island of Curaçao.That is exactly what you need during your stay. The island has a tropical savannah climate. The temperatures are between 24 oC and 30 oC and have an average number of sun hours of around 8 hours a day. So that is a perfect weather to stay there. The hottest days are in August and September. Then it is on average 32 oC. The seawater has an average temperature of 28 oC. During the hottest months it also remains 30 oC during the nights. In the morning it is refreshing when it is around 26 oC. For the West Europeans it is pleasant on the island in February and March in particular. The temperature is then not excessively warm and the chance of rain is also the lowest.

Rain and wind

During the hot days, a trade wind from the east, which is always present, provides some cooling. The wind is strongest along the coast in the northeast of the island. As a result, it can feel a bit cooler at that location. The rainy season is from October to February. In November and December the most rain falls. On average it rains in those months 10 to 12 days a month. About 570 mm of rain falls in a year. The showers are heavy. A lot of rain falls in a short time during the showers. From March to June it rains on average about three days a month. The island is part of the Leeward Islands. They are turned away from the wind. Storms usually go along the island. The hurricane season runs from June to December. The chance that the island will be hit by a hurricane is very small.

Your stay in Curaçao

You can easily book a good hotel or rent a holiday home there. However, it would not be wonderful that you have a home there yourself. You can easily rent it out if you buy a house there and you are not there yourself. This makes buying a house on the island often cost-effective. The tenants can enjoy the sea, sun, beach, culture, tranquility and so on. The island offers all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday. You could first rent a holiday home and then go and see what the options are. The properties that you can buy are often beautiful. You can let the property to rent by people who are available for this. They are comfortable homes with a nice piece of land. The holiday homes have a beautiful driveway. When you have the property managed, you are sure that nothing will go wrong. You can decide when you want to go in for your vacation.

Beaches Curaçao

Almost everything on the island is great. That is certainly the case when we look at the beaches. There is always a beach to find what is suitable for you. There are wide beaches, but also small ones with an enclosed inlet. Most of the enclosed coves are on the west coast. For the large sandy beaches you have to be in the south. When you plan to enter the water you must bring sturdy shoes. There are quite a few pebbles underwater. You must also prevent that you step on a stony fish. That is not pleasant. A stony fish is a carnivorous fish that is provided with poisonous spines. The poison is very strong. If you step on it, it causes a severe pain. The pain can be so bad that you can get in shock. You can even become paralyzed in part. You should definitely prevent that. Don’t think too much about it and make sure you wear sturdy shoes when you enter the water. Then those problems are solved.

Examples of beautiful beaches are;
Westpunt Beach is a beach that mainly consists of large and small pebbles. It is not a beach to spend the entire day there.
The Grote Knip is a beach where you can swim and sunbathe. It is located on one of the most beautiful places on the island. You can buy small snacks and drinks on the beach.
Play Kiki is a beautiful beach surrounded by limestone cliffs. This area is one of the most beautiful places on the island for snorkeling.
There are many more beautiful beaches where you can all enjoy a wonderful stay.

Sights Curaçao

You can make a tour of the island during your stay. It is possible that you will come face to face with the strangest animal species. During the tour you must also visit the Christoffel Park. In addition to the strange animal species, you can also see the divi-divi trees. The mangroves and cacti are also worth a visit. In the northeast there are steep rock walls with natural bridges and splashing water. As a change there are quiet beautiful bays with bright blue water. During a dive you can enjoy the seahorses that abound. In addition to the seahorses, you will also see sea turtles and beautiful coral reefs.

Shopping in Curaçao

If you like shopping, you have to go to Willemstad. The city center is World Heritage. This is due to the Dutch merchant houses. There are also many cultures that live together. A visit to the floating market is also worthwhile. All fruit and vegetables are very fresh and you can also buy beautiful souvenirs. Wood carving in particular is widely offered.


When you travel or go on a holiday, this is one of the most beautiful trips you can make during your life. All experiences are equally attractive. The food is good and the people are very friendly. The weather cannot be beat and the beaches and sea are also excellent.

Curaçao Travel
Curaçao Travel